NHS And Ambulance Related

999 House Number Campaign
Air Ambulance Federation
Audit Commission
BASICS – British Association for Immediate Care
British Medical Journal
British Paramedic Association
Cas-Sim (casualty simulation)
Chief Executive Bulletins
Clinical Effectiveness (National Policy)
Clinical Effectiveness Information (Resource Pack)
Commission for Health Improvement (CHI)
Department of Health
Department of Health Statistics – including ambulance service statistics
Emergency Care Strategy Team
Emergency Services UK (independent forum)
European Association of EMTs & Paramedics
Health Professions Council
Health Service Journal
Her Majesty’s Stationery Office
Medical Directors Bulletins
Medical Research Council (MRC)
Medicines Controls Agency (MCA)
Ministerial Speeches
National Association of GP Co-operatives
National Electronic Library for Health
National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)
New Opportunities Fund
NHS Confederation
NHS Direct
NHS gateway
NHS Information Authority
NHS Plan
Public/patient involvement
Publications of the Internet (POINT)
PubMed – National Library of Medicine
Purchasing Information
Radiocommunications Agency
Research & Development
Resuscitation Council UK
Shifting the Balance of Power
Society Guardian
Survey of UK Emergency Services Aviation
The CHD Zone – National Electronic Library for Health
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement
The Institute of Healthcare Management
The Modernisation Agency
The Source – Public Management Journal
UK Resilience
UK Resilience Decontamination Guidance