Claims Analysis

2000/2001 1999/2000 Category
3.85% 18.92% Assist persons mobility
13.46% 8.10% Assist with bereavement and funeral expenses
3.85% 13.52% Assistance given for medical consultation, treatment and medical equipment
40.38% 45.94% Assistance given where there are financial problems
17.31% 10.82% Home alterations for medically ill or disabled person
5.77% - Convalescence
13.46% 2.70% Hospital travel costs
1.92% - Respite care

Within this analysis and as identified in the summary of claims, several cases have been accomplished in liaison with other well-known charities, this ultimately fulfils our objective and apportions the overall cost.

The number of applications submitted this year to the Fund, have reached an all time high, being 28.85% more than last year. There has been a notable increase of 48.08% over the past two years. Whilst the category – “Assistance given where there are financial problems” – is still the highest single classification, it never the less shows a marked decrease from last year. It is also appreciated that categorising – Financial Help – covers a multiplicity of reasons for requesting help from the Fund.

It was specifically evident that applications from retired persons remain at a high level. This year alone affirms:-

Retired persons – 13.46%
Medically retired persons – 30.76%
giving us a total of 44.22% of all claims coming from retired persons.

We are not permitted to consider applications for relief that are not within our Constitution and several such cases had to be returned to the person submitting the application.